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Computer Simulations and Data processing. Modelling.
Geophysics for Engineering and Archeology. Marine geophysics.
Solar-Energy Analyses for buildings. Daylight simulations. Glazed Structures Energy Simulations.

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This page is a personal page of Kiril Velkovsky M.Sc Geophysicist, Information Technologies for Engineering.

Address: Iztok, 3 Nezbravka str., bl.49, Sofia 1113, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 887 628 421
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Solar radiation analyses and simulations for buildings.

Solar radiation analyses and simulations of energy distribution in facade constructions.

Radiation and thermal analyses for facade concepts and different glazing, sun protection systems, combinations.

Day-lighting simulations and analyses.

Solar radiation analyses and simulations for PV (Photo-Voltaic) systems and power plants.

Analyses for energy efficiency for facade concepts and shading devices: Economical analyses; Facade concepts; Efficiency; CO2 emissions.

Consultancy, engineering and R&D for: Facade concepts and energy efficiency; Glazing and shading systems and concepts; Solar protection systems.

BMS algorithms and programming - scenarios and variant analyses.

Highly precise geophysics for Hydrographic, Engineering, Hydrogeology and Archaeology.

Marine geophysics: Side Scan, Multi beam, Sub bottom, Marine Electrical profiling, VES & Array.

Terrain geophysics: Magnetic, Electromagnetic and Electrical methods.

Development of specialized software for engineering.

Implementation of Information Technologies for engineering. 3/4D data solutions.