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REALIZATIONS: Informatics and Data Processing


Author: K.Velkovsky in cooperation with Koester Lichtplanung, DE.

The program is a specialized powerful simulation tool for facade solar energies and lighting properties of different type facades and concepts, glass and glass-sunscreens combinations.

This program is the latest evolution of a project that started in the year of 2000 - a specialized powerful tool that simulates and evaluates the solar energies that affect the facade constructions and building constructions. Earlier developments SLAT-SIM, SUN-SIMULATOR 2007 and SUNEMULATOR of the program were more or less research projects that allowed the used algorithms to be evaluated and adjusted as well as many hypotheses to be proven and confirmed.

The program is a very powerful tool that allows multiple facade orientations, concepts and structures to be simulated, under different conditions and in dynamic mode. It allows to carry out variant analyses and optimization of the targeted facade concepts in harmony with the local climate conditions and specific project requirements.

Some of the significant functions inherent to the program are: multi-facade operations, dynamic mode simulations, energetic and economic mode, charts and statistics, multi-concept analyzes, etc.

It was successfully used in numerous projects over the last few years with remarkable high-energy efficiency: Sopharma Business Towers - Litex Tower, Headquarter of ENERGIA AG - Linz, Standard Bank Centre, Rosebank, South Africa and many other.

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Idea and algorithms by K. Velkovsky

The program is a powerful tool for calculation of beam energy distribution from 2D shapes.

Borland C++.

This program is an excellent result of a long term scientific work - over 6 years. It calculates the radiation energy distribution from 2D shape with different incidence angles. The program is designed as a tool for analyses of different glazing and sun-shadow systems but it can be successfully used for any other analyses, where the distribution of ray energy is needed. It can calculate the distribution of ray, diffuse and absorbed energy and can produce different types of X/Y and rose diagrams. It supports data export in different formats like DXF for AutoCAD, DAT/TXT for Excel, WMF/EMF/BMP/JPG as pictures, data for Sun Simulation program.

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SLATSIM program

Contracted by Koester Lichtplanung, K.Velkovsky

The program is a tool for calculation of energy and daylight properties of Venetian blinds (lamella systems).

The program is composed of two parts - MS Excel (VB for Application) that provides possibilities to work with a well known interface and the second part has calculation module, which provides ray-trace and energy calculating algorithms under C++ with a very high performance.

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KLIMA-NT program

Contracted by Goetz GmbH, K.Velkovsky

The program is a part of BMS automated system for regulation of climate in GOETZ GmbH Headquarter, Germany.

Made under Visual Basic specifically for Windows-NT, the program acts as client application to a server under NOWELL, serving database for monitoring and manipulating over 3000 devices and sensors.

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BTC / Bulgarian Telecommunication Company

Contracted by BTC, K.Velkovsky

A graphical library that is developed for AutoCAD with specific elements for BTC and macro programs.

Partial localization of AutoCAD interface according to the company requirements.

Development of a method and link for raster/vector data transfer between AutoCAD and RDBMS ORACLE 7.

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OChart Program Tool - Halliburton ESG, K. Velkovsky, K.Velkovsky

The program is a tool for automatic preparation of reports and charts from cementing jobs. The program was developed for HALIBURTON ENERGY SERVICE 2004.

Warehouse Program - Halliburton ESG, K.Velkovsky, K.Velkovsky

A simplified database systems for managing the needs of local warehouse. The program was developed for HALIBURTON ENERGY SERVICE 2003 - 2004.

REALIZATIONS: Geophysics, Geodesy and Engineering


Authors: K.Velkovsky

The program calculates and presents standard statistics of geophysical data from electro-resistivity and magnetic measurements.

When the collected data set is measured by the area, the program presents the field of values as a pixel map where the X,Y of the pixels are the coordinates and the density of the pixels are the values of the field. Also, if a suitable presentation filter (by the statistical histogram) is applied, the program presents the most interesting areas only.

This method of processing is very useful in cases when the results should present geophysical information from archaeological sites.

Made under DOS (Text-Graphics mode). Used for work in Laboratory of Archaeometry and other Engineer-Geophysical researches.

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ELDIN Program

Authors: K.Velkovsky, M.Georgiev

Special program package for pre-processing data from electro-resistivity, magnetic geophysical and geodetic measurements.

The package includes 3 base programs ELDIN, MAGIN and GEOIN with similar interface and abilities tha provide pre-processing of the data and interface to database or other programs for post-processing.

The package is a special development for the requirements of the Laboratory of Archaeometry at the Institute of Thracology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

It has a link to STATMAP program for statistical post processing of data.

Made under DOS (Text-Graphics mode). Used for work in Laboratory of Archaeometry and other Engineer-Geophysical researches.

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LOTASYS Program, K.Velkovsky, Special program tools for pre-processing data from bathymetric measurements.

APOLONIA Program, K.Velkovsky, M. Georgiev, Fully functional program for primary processing geodetic data and saving in database structures.

SOKIIA Program, K.Velkovsky, Special program for pre-processing informatioon from geodetic measurements. Can export to AutoCAD and other post-processing program systems.

ZONE Program, K.Velkovsky, Lay-Out program for filtration calculations and documentation of preserved water supply areas.

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